Friday, November 9, 2007

Krieghoff: is it Worth the Money

At a recent shoot I was presented with an amazing deal, the deal was a used Krieghoff K-80 for $10,000. The gun is a standard grade K-80 with a 30” 12ga heavy barrel, a 30” 12ga carrier barrel wit full tube set, and had work done on it by Ken Eyster, it also came with a 34” unsingle trap barrel. It also came with the case that held all the barrels and tubes. Both the heavy barrel and unsingle barrels are factory Krieghoff choked and had about 20 chokes.

This is a good deal and is a great gun, but there is still that $10,000 price tag. That seems like a lot to spend on a gun, granted I know there are people who spend five times as much but I am just a college student. I am now going to use this blog to convince you and myself that Krighoffs are worth the money.

You can buy a new standard sporting grade K-80 on the internet for under $7000. This seems like a lot for just a standard grade O/U (over under) but these guns are better quality than most of your average guns. Krieghoff has been perfecting their firearms for over 120 years. These 0/U’s are probably the most durable guns I have ever seen, I know people who have shot over 40,000 rounds through their guns and they still work like they did when they came out of the factory.

You also can’t argue with the fact that the competitive skeet shooting community is dominated by Krieghoffs. Most shooters that can afford them will be shooting them. Not just because of their durability but because of their versatility.

The K-80 can easily be customized to the shooter. All the parts of the K-80 can be swapped out form one K-80 to another. This makes it easy to find the perfect stock, forearm and barrel that fits you best. Some stocks and forearms can get kind of pricey, I’ve seen stock and forearm sets for as much as $2000. You can change barrel lengths and weights by just simply buying another one or trading yours in for a used one. You don’t have to send your gun into Briley for sub-gauge tubes because you can buy barrels with tube-sets already fitted.

Another good thing about Krieghoff is that they service all of their guns. You can send your gun back for a variety of different services, from preventative maintenance to complete refurbishing. Many Krieghoff owners will send their gun in at the end of the year for preventative maintenance, which involves making sure everything is working properly and they also thoroughly clean the gun. Which is a pretty good idea that will make a Krieghoff last even longer.

I stated above that the standard K-80 sells for under $7000, well in case you were wondering how much you could spend on one, well I have seen a beautifully custom engraved one for as much as $80,000. Above is a picture of a custom engraved gun that costs about $55,000. Please comment on this post with any opinions on Krieghoffs or other high grade guns.


Joe said...

I have been shooting a Grade 1 Browning 425 with a 30" barrel for twelve years. Recently, I went up to Jaquas and bought a K-80 sporting 32" with titanium chokes and there is no comparison in quality...however, i broke far more targets with my <$2000 Browning than this $11,000 K-80. i suppose it will just take practice.

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Anonymous said...

I shoot a K80 Standard. The way I describe it to people is the Krieghoff is more crisp than any other gun I have shot. The trigger is right on the money, crisp and fast. The weight is also perfect for skeet. Just start the gun in the right direction and it will do the rest. I shoot with the top guys and most put 3-500,000 rounds a year through our guns. My gun the firing blocks were worn out in about 8 years. That's unheard of but the great part is Krieghoff replaced them for $180. The entire action can be replaced if needed. Always recommend the Krieghoff annual service. Most common thing is a broken extractor.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If you are a competitive clay target shooter you cannot go wrong with a K-80. I have been shooting a K-80 for about 15 years now and apart from regular maintenance there have been no issues at all. With regards to the cost of the gun the Krieghoff pays for itself with reliability. If you are going to go to a major competition you will be looking at travel, hotels, entry fees and meals which can cost in the thousands. If your gun breaks and you cannot get it fixed or get it fixed to your liking the results will most likely be poor. Further, if you are a high level shooter every target counts and shooting a Krieghoff can give you the piece of mind to stay focused, knowing the gun will perform.

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